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True banaras is colours of silk scarves, true banaras is smell of chaat, true banaras is chaotic traffic with endless honking, true banaras is gazing at those stone walls on each ghat and imagining the era they were built in, true banaras is vision of burning bodies on the salvation grounds with a stairway to heaven, true banaras is a glass lassi with a topping of fresh cream, true banaras is a web of lanes with structures over a thousand years old, true banaras is the calm of the morning and chaos of the evening, true banaras is the land of temples with each having their own legend and lastly true banaras is enchantment in the house of Shiva. To truly explore Banaras one must walk through those thin cramped up lanes, dive into history and culture, understand the significance of each brick that was laid and each custom that was commissioned some of which are still in practice, some long forgotten and some needing revival. Banaras has literally witnessed history and stands to tell all about it.

With a youthful team keen on reviving culture and exploring the wonders of time; we organize walking tours to take you through the city. Right from walking through different markets and ghats to temples and food stalls, we got it all covered. However, you must be patient and tolerant to enjoy this one as you might have to step out of your comfort zone for a bit.

The schedules and prices are available on enquiry basis, please reach out to the reception or contact us for a detailed itinerary or to schedule a private tour to enjoy the most of the city. If you’re traveling with a large group, we can organize these tours for more than 8 people as per your schedule.

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