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Subah-e-Banaras is a collective effort by the society and its welfare patrons to showcase and blend nature with pluralistic human existence. It is an everyday phenomenon on the southern ghat when the place is full of light, life and spiritual essence perpetuating the eternal beauty of nature along with vedic chanting, music and yoga. The morning sun illuminates the ghats and golden ganga inspires men to meditate, enjoy life and music and cleanse. The calm of the morning is quite opposite to the hustle and bustle of the evening. The place truly transforms within a matter of hours and presents a unique perspective on the way we see things. This has truly turned into a phenomenon as this happens every day.

The tour allows you to spend some time with the community and feel transformed. You can choose to meditate or do yoga or simply watch. Join this 4-5 hours boat-ride tour and experience how life starts with devotion, spirituality and sacredness in Banaras. Assembling at the Assi Ghat at 5:15 AM during the summers and 6:00 AM during the winters, embark on a boat ride in the holy Ganges. As the boatman rows through the holy waters, witness the sunrays touching the tranquil water. Beam through the mystique charm of Banaras and watch the entire city getting pleasantly washed away with the enchanting beauty of the rising sun!

Besides witnessing the devotees performing different rituals and attaining solace, visit Manikarnika Ghat which is the largest cremation ground in Banaras. As the boat cruises back to the Assi Ghat, embark on a walking trail to the southern part of the city and explore its richness. Discover and explore the cultural diversity of the holy city and also witness the wrestlers practicing in the ‘Akhadas’, traditional Indian wrestling ground.

Tour Duration: 4-5 hours

Tour Cost:Sedan (1-4 pax): 2500

SUV (1-6 pax): 3600

Mini Coach (1-16 pax): 5000

*All costs are inclusive of service charges

*The tour cost includes hand boats, upgrading to motorboat will be chargeable above the tour cost

*The boating tours are not available during dev diwali

*The tour starts at 5 AM during summers and 5:45 AM during winters.

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