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Our convenient location and great accessibility adds to the basic value of hospitality and service we deliver. We’re located on the main road that runs between old Varanasi and one of the premium residential areas in the city. A shopping complex, Varanasi’s old lanes and cluttered markets, a movie theatre and a few of the most culturally significant ghats are all located at a walking distance from the hotel. The hotel is also centrally located between Kashi Vishwananth Temple on one side and Sankat Mochan Temple and Durgakund Temple on one side.

Kedar Ghat

The Kedar Ghat houses the Gauri Kund, a small water pool which has an image of Gauri, Lord Shiva’s wife in the eastern wall. It is said that the water in this kund has healing properties. The Kedareswara Shiva Temple, at the Kedar Ghat has great mythological importance and it is believed that anyone who visits this temple gets blessings as the same after visiting Kedarnath Temple. According to mythology, the Kedar Ghat was the original site of Manikarnika Ghat and the Gauri Kunda on the ghat steps is referred to as “Adi Manikarnika.” These riverfront steps are referred to as greatest of the bathing tirthas in Kashi. Kedareshvara is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. A pucca ghat was constructed at this spot by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in 1958. It finds mention in the Puranas and is believed to be among the oldest ghats in Varanasi.

The ghat is considered to be one of the most auspicious locations for Pind Daan according to beliefs and customs in multiple cultures. Pilgrims especially from southern states of India offer prayer and gifts for a great afterlife of their dear and departed.

Kedar ghat is located at a convenient walk of 10 minutes from the Hotel. Once you reach the river front, one can either walk towards northern ghats of Dashashwamedh and Manikarnika or south towards Assi ghat.


IP Vijaya Mall: A shopping complex housing Pantaloons, Dominoes and a multi-screen movie theatre is located at a distance of 200 metres from the hotel. It’s the perfect place to unwind in a busy travel itinerary. The shopping mall also helps with purchasing holiday essentials that you forgot to pack.

The local market with retail outlets including Marks and Spencer’s are located right opposite the Hotel with multiple provision stores and a Bata outlet.

The traditional markets of Varanasi, cutting through lanes and houses with hundreds of shops lined next to each other are at a walking distance too. You can explore handcrafted clothes, bags, toys and souvenirs but you have to be ready to bargain.


Bhelupur is in the middle of the Kashi pilgrimage hub. Temples for all cultures and religions are closely located.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple: The temple is roughly 2 kilometers from the hotel. One can conveniently find transportation till Godowliya beyond which one has to walk since vehicles are banned any further.

Sankat Mochan and Durgakund Temple: They are located at roughly 2 kilometers from the hotel and one can conveniently find transportation to these temples. Tulsi Manas temple is also located on the same trail, next to Durgakund temple.

Jain Temple: Revered jain temple is located at a walking distance of 400 meters from the hotel and is one of the Jain pilgrimage centers for those seeking religion.

Jangambadi: Another cultural place for gujarati and patidars, it is located less than a kilometer away.


The hotel is conveniently located from all the railway stations connecting the city and the Airport.

Airport: Located approximately 25kms away. There are multiple highways connecting the main city to the airport. The time taken to travel is roughly 60 minutes during idle hours and up to 2 hours during peak/traffic hours. You can contact the reception for availing our taxi services or for general enquiries.

Mughalsarai Junction: Located approximately 20 kilometers away. There are multiple routes that connect our location with the railway station. The time taken to travel is roughly 60 minutes during idle hours and up to 2 hours during peak/traffic hours. You can contact the reception for availing our taxi services or for general enquiries.

Varanasi Juntion: Also known as Cantt railway station. Located in the middle of the city, it is 4 kilometers from the hotel. You can find any convenient mode of transport from the station. You can inform us prior to your arrival for a convenient and reliable pick-up.

Kashi Railway station and Manduadih Railway station are also closely located and transportation is conveniently located.

Restaurants and Cafes

The location of the hotel is in the premium tourist hub of the city and therefore a lot of restaurants are located in close vicinity. A few restaurants that have stood by great taste and service consistently are mentioned and compiled to help you – our guests to navigate easily

Kerala Café: A South-Indian specialty restaurant with quick service, great taste and a pocket-friendly menu are the attractions of this place. It’s not big on aesthetics; however it’s spicy and aromatic food more than compensates for the bland look and visual appeal of the place. It’s now a fourth generation business and has a great reputation. The name is synonymous with south Indian food in Varanasi.

Bikanerwala: One of the Indian chains for a variety Indian menu from street food, to south Indian and North Indian menu is a safe bet. They provide quality food with great hygiene and presentation. Though you might not get a lot of spices and a street food vibe, you’ll definitely get an inclusive menu and a comfortable family environment. The menu is priced on the lines of a regular restaurant.

Indian Coffee House: Another one of the pocket-friendly options, this place has an inclusive menu with a variety of snacks and main course for every palette. It’s quaint and old, located on the main road and has a homely vibe.

Crystal Bowl and Ming Garden: Two restaurants, located adjacent to each other are one of the most renowned restaurants for Indian and Chinese cuisines in the city. Their complex has a dedicated bakery and an Ice-cream shop for your dessert cravings. It’s less than a kilometer away and has an up-market menu

Ksheer Sagar: They are a local sweet shop chain with more than 12 outlets across the city. Two of their outlets are located in close proximity of the hotel in either direction. They house a variety of Indian delicacies, the menu is regular but the preparation has a Banarasi touch to it.

Along with the above recommendations, there are multiple other restaurants located close by. Zaika, Chocolate heaven and Tamra among others are chic and provide a variety of menu with great aesthetics and quality service.

All the above recommendations are located with one kilometer of the hotel. You can reach the reception for further assistance and we’d be happy to help you. You can enquire about taxi and tour services from the reception/help desk. We provide reliable services and ensure a great holiday experience for our guests.

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